About us

About eCitizen

Launched in 2014, eCitizen is the first-stop portal for Government information and services, organised with your needs in mind. eCitizen pioneered the concept of providing cross-agency, citizen-centric information and services, to help you complete your transactions conveniently with ONE government.

eCitizen is an initiative by the Ministry of Finance and is managed by the ICT Authority of Kenya(IDA).

How eCitizen is organised

eCitizen has 3 main areas - Topics, eServices and Highlights.

Topics are quick guides to help you perform your task. They provide the key information you need, and show you where you can find more details you may be interested in. They are grouped by areas of interest such as, “Sports & Recreation”, “Transport & Motoring”, “Health” and “Housing” for easy browsing.

eServices is a directory of all eServices offered by the Government. You can easily find an eService using search, or by filtering the agency and type of service.

Highlights keep you updated with the latest news and upcoming events.

eCitizen is organised to serve your needs without you having to know which government agency is responsible for a particular service, policy or programme.